Elephant Butte Progressive Fine Art & Craft Show

SCCA Christmas Craft Sale 2022

This year we are having a PROGRESSIVE Fine Arts and Craft Show.  Locations are the Elephant Butte Lake RV Resort Event Center at 402 Highway 195, and Bigfoot Restaurant Patio, 212 Warm Springs Boulevard, Elephant Butte. 

We will have more great artists for this year’s event. There will be Shattuck’s great local wines, Louis’s great kettle corn, and a hot dog cart at the Elephant Butte Lake RV Resort Event Center Location.  Bigfoot Restaurant Patio will also have artists, food, wine and holiday cheer.

Mark your calendar for a very special day, experiencing the local holiday spirit. There will also be special items from each vendor at their both. Donate for your chance to win an item of your choice. All proceeds will go to SCCA (Sierra County Cancer Assistance)

Questions? Call Steph Ross 575-740-3971 or srfoxie@gmail.com